Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Photo Session

Oh what fun it is to take photos with a toddler! Check out some of the highlights from our recent photo session with Dorean Pope Photography. Ms. Dorean was amazing! She even brought 'treats' for Charlotte. If you smile, you get a fruit snack. Sounds like a deal to me.

Family Update

What's New in the Wild World of the Milams.....

Andrew (aka 'Daddy') is working hard as a project manager for Rogers-O'Brien. He recently finished building the Reliant Rehab Hospital in Round Rock, Texas. Now he is on to building the new film studios for the Austin Film Society. It is a fun project and he enjoys working around artistic people. It is a low-key job which allows him to spend more time at home - instead of those crazy hours at the hospital. We love it! Andrew continues to play basketball in the church league and loves playing poker with his buddies.

Carissa (aka 'Mommy') is having a blast at the dance studio. The dancers are working hard on their upcoming performance, Yuletide Magic. They will showcase their holiday dances at local assisted living homes as well as Trail of Lights on Tuesday, December 16th. Mommy is teaching jazz, ballet and the ADC competitive dance teams. She loves dancing and working with her students.

Charlotte Kate is ready for the holidays. She enjoyes all of the lights and sparkle of the season. Santa warrants a "Ho, Ho, Ho" followed by "Choo-Choo and Ball" - the two things she wants Santa to bring her this year. She is enjoying her church preschool on MWF with her friends and Ms. Corrie and Ms. Christi. She loves the fish in her toddler room, painting on the easel, going to Stretch-n-Grow, singing songs in Chapel and playing in the home center. Her favorite activity right now is riding the children's train at Zilker Park. She asks to go every day and we usually end up there at least twice a week. She loves music class and playing with her music group buddies. Her favorite spot at home is in the kitchen - helping Mommy and Daddy cook. She loves to measure and pour and thinks that cracking eggs is hilarious. We are looking forward to holiday baking. Her favorite pal at home is Chunnie kitty; although, recently Chunnie has not enjoyed giving Charlotte bear rides around the house. Chunnie will usually give Charlotte a little swat to which Charlotte exclaims, "No! choo-kitty."

Our family is very excited to welcome baby number two in the Spring. Our official due date is May 2nd and we look forward to Charlotte becoming a big sister.....and all of the sleepless nights, of course!

Introducing the Milam Family blog

It's true! We never thought we'd say this, but....We've decided to join the world of blogging. After reading a lot of friends' blogs we have been inspired to chronicle our life here in Austin. We are especially excited to share our photos and stories with family and friends that live far away. We miss you dearly and hope that we can share a piece of our life here in Texas with you through this blog. Mostly, we are thrilled to share some updates about our precious Charlotte Kate. Thanks so much for reading - we love you!!