Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Pool

We are saving for a real pool at our house. But in the meantime, we got the girls a little pool for the garage play area. When they woke up from nap today, we had it set up and ready to go. It was like Christmas at our house this afternoon. Such excitement!
One of Finley's birthday presents from Gigi. Swinging is her favorite.
Playing together in the pool. Charlotte loved splashing her sister and making her laugh. Finley scooted and crawled all over the place.

Charlotte practicing her dance moves in the water. Always choreographing a new dance routine....wonder where she gets it?!?

Sisters sharing toys.

Big Girl Food, please

Finley has totally outgrown baby food. She wants big people food only these days, which makes us realize that our baby is growing up! She loves meat (any and all kinds) and cheese and most fruits. Veggies are okay, but not her favorite, so we sneak 'em in through carrot juice, lilypad pancakes (made from green peas)... you get the idea. She's never met a bean she didn't like and this weekend she tried her sister's all time favorite, chicken potstickers and loved them! Cheers to kids eating well.

Afternoon snack - strawberries and ham.
She loves to feed herself.

Russell's Bistro

We've developed a fun little family tradition over the past couple of months. Every Saturday morning we go to Russell's Bistro on Kerbey Lane. It's the same Russell that owns Russell's Deli - the yellow deli right by our house. Anyway, we happened upon the other location quite by accident. We were scheduled to go to Kerbey Lane (one of our local favorites since I was a kid) one Saturday morning with Papa. The line was outrageous, so we decided to try Russell's next door. We had a lovely time! The atmosphere is relaxing and the food is incredible, not to mention the fabulous cappuccinos. We decided the pancakes are even better than next door! It has become one of our weekly traditions. We hope you'll join us one weekend!

Raisins - fin's new favorite food.
Making 'cookies' with the playdough that Ted gave Charlotte for her 3 year old birthday.

Daddy and some strong iced tea.

I don't think I want to have my picture taken....;)

Cuddle time before the brunch comes. We love the outdoor patio with fans.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beach Fun

Playing at the beach.
Splashing in the water.

Covering our bodies with sand.

Hanging out with Daddy in the new tent!

We are so lucky to live 3 hours from a beach! Yes, it's a Texas beach....but when you have sun, waves and good times what else do you need? This Memorial Day we took the girls to Mustang Island near Port Aransas. We stayed at Gigi's wonderful beach condo. We played at the beach, swam in the ocean, played at the pool and watched movies. It was great to spend time together as a family. Andrew and I are both approaching burnout as the end of the school year is coming to a close -- his job is really heating up and ADC's dance recital is in 2 short weeks! You'll notice that most of our recent photos are of Fin; Charlotte is NOT at all interested in having her picture taken these days. It's sad, but I've decided to not push the issue. We are very much looking forward to slowing down this summer during the month of July and spending lots of time together as a family. Slowing WAY down...doesn't that sound lovely?

With the studio closed during the month of July, I'm looking forward to fun adventures with the girls during the week and family time on the weekends! On our upcoming summer agenda -- a romantic trip for C & A, New York City dance training conference, driving trip to Arkansas to see Andrew's family and our family of 4 trip to Utah to visit Uncle Seth! Looking foward to hiking in the Mountains of Park City. It's going to be a fantastic summer and we're ready for it!