Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little Ballerina

Charlotte will be taking dance class for the first time in the fall at Mommy's studio. At ADC, we have a special class for first-time dancers called 'Twinkle Toes.' Last week, Charlotte came to class at the studio quite by accident. Mommy needed to check in with the big girls (dance team dancers) and Charlotte wanted to say hello. They were in the middle of their dance team intensive and taking a ballet class. While Mommy was talking with the instructor, Charlotte found a spot at the barre, in between the big girls. They showed her tendu and first position. When it was time to leave, she really didn't want to go! We are ready and excited for our own special class with Ms. Adele. Charlotte also joined Mommy and the studio instructors and office manager for our annual photo shoot with Brenda Ladd. Ms. Mary, our fabulous nanny, was there to play with her, but she was more interested in looking at the beautiful ballerinas.
Today we purchased some dancewear at Capezio. It was a lot of fun! We got to pick out leos, tutus, slippers and a special dance bag. Mommy explained the importance of having a ballet bag b/c we never wear our pretty slippers outside of the dance studio. It was fun to go to Capezio b/c ADC's very own Ms. Jeannie works there in addition to teaching Jazz at Austin Dance Company. Charlotte loves Ms. Jeannie - Mommy does, too. Ms. Jeannie took over for some of Mommy's classes when Fin was born. She helped us get all of our fun dancewear.
Getting her groove on at Capezio.
Hum...I'm taking ballet, but these hip hops boots look like more fun!!

Growing Like a Weed

Finnie Pie at the hospital
Happy Girl

Smiling and laughing....

Sanibel Island

Mommy grew up going to Sanibel Island with her family. Last year after Disney World we re-discovered it again and were surprised that it was still as quaint and peaceful as it was in the '80s. We decided to make it a tradition. The shells are amazing and the sunsets are so beautiful. It is a really kid-friendly place and we enjoyed meeting new friends at the pool. Charlotte enjoyed swimming in the big pools and the kiddie pool. Her favorite friend was a little boy (big surprise!) named Giovanni from Naples, Italy. Finley mostly slept on Mommy in the hammock. It was a great time for a little r & r!