Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Andrew!

So, most of you know that my husband is very laid back and chill about, well, everything. Most days I am grateful for his energy because it forces me to slow down, really evaluate what's important and step outside of my type-A MO. However, I am just so excited about this thing that is going on with him, that I can't contain myself. I am so happy for him and I feel like sharing it, of all places, here - on our little family blog. Andrew has lost 20 lbs.! He would never share about this, or even talk about it, but I am so proud of him. Despite my over-indulging on icecream and french fries while pregnant, he is eating heathly and exercising everyday at lunch. He even got me interested in this class at Lifetime called Total Body Conditioning -- until he demonstrated some of the exercises! Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement for him. As an avid runner and basketball player, I know that really 'being inside' his body is important to him, so I'm happy that he's working toward this goal. I'm proud of you, babe.

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Hannah said...

Go Andrew!!! I think I am inspired to stop eating icecream and french fries too! Great job!